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"A Light in the Dark"  8/30/2020

Light in the Dark  8.30.2020



Todd Blog                                                  3/8/2020


"Impact of Vision"

Genesis 3:7

Catch a vision as you pray

Trust He'll be there on the way

Don't sit and wait upon a sign

Go, and follow, He's just on time

Your vision, dream might be for you

To push on toward and follow through

Another might not share your dream

But you'll be fine with God on your team

There may be times that devastate

But trust God's dream will end up great

Perhaps the journey will be hard

But follow God, hold to faith, even just a shard

That let's your hope remain intact

As you follow your dream, or God's, intact

Stay true to what you know is right

Do not give up, carry on the fight

You may feel lost, abandoned, in the dark

Pursuing a dream ain't always a walk in the park

But God prepares for every scene

With those who follow His own dream

To bless the world, to save the lost

Perhaps with years of painful cost

But God's intentions are wise and true

And He will always carry through

So seek the vision that He has

Don't be dissuaded by negative jazz

For if you seek first the Father's good

Then into the right place you'll finally fall

Created for a distinct purpose you are

The life He has for you will shine like a star

When you choose to live the dream

when you dwell in the flow of the Spirit's stream

Everyone arrives somewhere, Ipray I will arrive there on puropose.

-Todd Musser

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