Originally established in the Oildale community within Bakersfield in 1919 and incorporated in 1938, OBCC has a long history as a family friendly non-denominational church. Woven into the fabric of our history is the conviction to never turn away an opportunity to respond to the needs of others.  Today, that same conviction is reflected in our mission statement, "to be a church that shares the fullness of life in Jesus Christ with weary people from all walks of life."


At OBCC, our Sunday worship and weekly activities are designed to create opportunities for every person to know Christ, grow in a Christian community, and go out in Christian service.


Located in the northwest Bakersfield community of Rosedale, our goal is to be a family friendly church that shares Christ’s message of hope through worship, discipleship, and service.


Whether you visit for the first time or have been with us for many years, our priority is to make sure that you feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated. So, ready to experience life to the fullest? Then, come grow with us! You’ll be glad that you did.

To be a church that is Christ-centered and people-centered, rather than pastor-centered, facility-centered or event-centered


To be a church that makes disciples and disciplers instead of gathering spectators


To be a church built on personal relationships with Christ and one another instead of heirarchy


To be a church where each new person will feel welcome and wanted without feeling stalked


To be a church where even a "fringe" person isn't a fringe person


To be a church where every member has at least one person they can turn to and lean on, no matter what


To be a church where every person feels they are a contributor not just a consumer


To be a church where prayer is always the first response


To be a church that stands together during controversy and hardship


To be a church that encourages and models a Christ-centered lifestyle and acknowledges the importance of God's Word in the understanding and achievement of that lifestyle 

 Olive Branch Community Church 

12000 Olive Drive 
Bakersfield, CA 93312

TEL: 661-589-9003



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